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Hiring An Ex-Offender Could Help Your Business

Ex-offenders are valuable employees to businesses because they are ready, willing and able to dispel the negative stereotypes associated with those who have spent time in prison. In fact, ex-offenders are dedicated, hardworking individuals with responsibilities to their families and without a job cannot provide their most basic needs. Women ex-offenders in particular are highly motivated to regain custody of their children and obtaining employment is the first step to that process. Another reason why ex-offenders make great employees is due to the terms of their probation or parole which require them to maintain employment. 

So, what's in it for employers? The Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) is a program administered through the government and which offers a tax credit to employers who hire individuals facing barriers to employment. Businesses that hire felons or ex-incarcerated individuals may qualify. The tax credit amount varies as well as depends on a number of factors. Interested employers may receive additional information by visiting the following link or copying and pasting the link into their Internet browser,


The IRS sponsors the Work Opportunity Tax Credit program and more information can be found by visiting

For more information about hiring an ex-offender, please contact our Executive Director by phone, 919-348-9338 or email,  

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