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We Focus on a Very Unique Niche

Core Programs

Reentry Center for Women offers several programs to help formerly incarcerated women adjust to their new lives:

Job Readiness Program is a limitless system to assist with all facets of the job search and connects women ex-offenders with employers.

  • Skills assessment and development

  • Vocational training and certification

  • Job training and placement

  • Assistance with job searches

  • Help filling out applications

  • Preparing resumes

  • Interviewing skills development

  • Job interview appearance readiness

Counseling Program is very intensive and administered by licensed and highly trained
clinical professionals with the expertise to effectively handle gender-specific issues. 
  • Intensive one-on-one case analysis

  • Substance abuse counseling

  • Mental health counseling

  • Individual and group counseling

  • Domestic and intimate partner violence counseling

  • Sexual violence counseling

Educational Program allows women ex-offenders the opportunity to complete secondary education, take advantage of continuing education courses or enroll in college-level degree programs.       
  • Computer training 

  • GED preparation and testing

  • Adult basic education

  • College prep courses and college degree programs

  • Scholarships and grants

  • Distance learning

Recidivism Reduction Program encompasses a wide array of cognitive and behavioral strategies to help women ex-offenders stay the course. 
  • Risk and needs assessment

  • Identify individual motivators

  • Target the appropriate intervention

  • Implement cognitive and behavioral strategies

  • Instill positive reinforcement and positive self-image

  • Ongoing support

Human Trafficking Elimination Program addresses and aims to eradicate a growing

problem for at-risk women, their families and law enforcement. 

  • Access to support services to help keep victims safe

  • Assist victims with police reports and reporting traffickers

  • Emergency shelter for women escaping trafficking

  • Resources for family members to help locate loved one suspected of being in a sex trafficking ring

Gang Violence Prevention Program is a comprehensively designed model to steer young females away from gang activity. 

  • Character-building counseling

  • Gang diversion strategies

  • Identify and address key risk factors for why girls join gangs 

  • Offer assistance for getting out of gangs

  • Provide resources to parents and teachers on how to manage disruptive youth

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