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Why We Do What We Do

Hundreds of women offenders are released from prisons and jails each year in North Carolina and many lack the necessary resources for re-entry, and are often denied work opportunities due to their criminal record. Faced with the social stigma that having a criminal past brings, many female ex-offenders are forced to return to former lifestyles which include unstable personal relationships as well as participate in high-risk behaviors in order to support themselves and children. 

Reentry Center for Women provides advocacy and support to this at-risk population of women who find the transition from incarceration to society challenging and full of obstacles. RCW is a positive, non-judgemental environment developed to empower our clients to achieve realistic goals. Our employment, counseling, educational, recidivism reduction, human trafficking elimination, and gang violence prevention programs are designed to encourage female ex-offenders to function as productive members of society through a variety of community collaborative efforts. Our process is highly effective because we partner with local business owners, corporations, social service agencies and members of the legal community -- all committed to providing second chances to our clients while making a difference within the communities that they serve.

When necessary, we bring together our stakeholders to evaluate current practices and develop new strategies to respond to the growing population of female ex-offenders in our community. Removing the barriers to women's re-entry is the first step to establishing the necessary guideposts for criminal justice reform as well as provide a broader understanding of our strong social mission.

We are strategically located to serve the entire Triangle area, including surrounding counties.

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