Why Mentoring is Important

The mentoring program at Reentry Center for Women is designed to enable our clients to soar to new heights and be all that she can be. On day 1, the client is matched with a mentor.

The benefits to mentoring formerly incarcerated women can be measured by the reduction of women re-entering the criminal justice system. When our clients connect and form bonds with other women who have previously served time and successfully turned their lives around, they are less likely to return to prison. 

Even if you have never been incarcerated, but have the compassion necessary to make a difference in the lives of our clients, we would still like to hear from you. Reentry Center for Women has many mentoring opportunities available to better serve our clients.

Becoming a mentor is easy. Simply click here to be directed to our mentor application. Once your application has been submitted, a member of the Reentry Center staff will contact you. Alternatively, you may send an email expressing your interest to mentor@reentrycenterforwomen.org.